Young MKB Haarlem

Project Description

As an association that offers young entrepreneurs unique opportunities to grow fast, Young MKB Haarlem had a few technical difficulties to present their strong points to the Haarlem community.

We are responsible for hosting their website and solving the technical difficulties that came once they wanted to apply the new design of their website.

Project Details

Client Young MKB Haarlem

Product Hosting, web development

Skills Design implementation and improvement, technical support, creation of new features

Technology HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, WordPress, Ubuntu, PHP 7.2, NGNIX

Main Features

The association’s website has several sources of dynamic content that needs to be  constantly updated hence the choice to provide its members an WordPress enviroment where that can easily be done. According to the designer’s specifications there was the need to integrate different pluging that displayed the events in the desired layout, making this a customized template.


Being a key partner of Young MKB Haarlem, 4bis has also been able to provide aditional services like the photoshoot of the organization to be displayed in all communications.

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