Quote Manager 2.0

Project Description

QuoteManager drastically decrease human errors on operator station, facilitates pass-through of the jobs between different offices, saves time on archiving, shortens response time on every client enquiry.
QuoteManager saves 1 person per year for every 7 employees.
Continuous improvements rise this parameter with a growth of project complexity.

Project Details

Client Quote Manager 2.0

Starting Date Dec 2014

Skills lean development, continues development & improvement, product development startegy, business & process analyses, software architecture & design, implementation of RestFull API, technical support, UX

Technology Symfony 3.1, PHP 7.1, MySQL, bootstrap 3, jQuery, ReactJS, nginx, Office365 API, Exchange Online API, Dropbox API

Main Features

User creates a quote based on the market enquiry with the user-friendly interface. QuoteManager is forming a setup for every quote according to the provided details. It includes specific per department and per type of job templates that are adjustable on the fly. In file storage and in shared mailbox is created quote folder and unique reference identificator or Quote Number.
Further user can provide more details or make changes accordingly. QuoteManager is used to communicate with client and with service providers and with a team internally, that creates an follow-up process within company.


QuoteManager is a status based application, that means that every Quote can switch it’s status and move through a different branches of the workflow till the Quote can be archived.

A single window dashboard and a home page allows to provide various reporting possibilities or navigation through.

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