Podium from Present Your Start Up

Project Description

Present Your Start Up is an accelerator program that has an unique approch to stimulate the local startup ecosystem in Haarlem – The Netherlands.

The project was developed to provide the startups with an online platform that provides an overview of each project, facilitate updates, and allow communication between the participants, investors and the general public.

Project Details

Client Present Your Start Up / HaarlemValley B.V.

Product Online Platform

Skills Lean development, continued improvement, new features, product strategy, business & process analyses, software architecture & design, implementation of RestFull API, technical support, UX

Technology Symfony 3.1, PHP 7.1, MySQL, bootstrap 3, jQuery, ReactJS, nginx, Office365 API, Exchange Online API, Dropbox API

Main Features

We introduced the strategy of bringing offline events for startups and investors into an online platform. Here they have a marketplace where startups can further present their product and provide updates. Users are able to give feedback, follow the ideas and vote for the best one. In addition we made it possible for investors to crowdfinance online, in a secure manner.


Within Podium there are role based interfaces for general users, startups and investors. Each role has access to different functionalities of the platform.

The admin panels allow the organizations to easily maintain and control their information. All data is stored in status based databases and provide Present Your Start Up with important statistics that can be used to further improve the event.

The platform also works as a communication outlet for past and future events.

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