Healthy Today

Project Description

Healthy Today is about helping people in any way. Their passion is to help develop a healthy lifestyle by providing nutriton advice and products that will keep or restore health in a natural way. They needed to improve their brand and make a new website in order to get better conversions online. 

A friendly and attractive website added the benefit of presenting a thrustworthy brand that customers can refer for additional information.

Project Details

Client Healthy Today

Product Brand design, house style, hosting and website development

Skills Brading, product development startegy, business & process analyses, website hosting and design, technical support

Technology HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, WordPress, Adobe Illustrator, Ubuntu, PHP 7.2, NGNIX

Main Features

Based on the directives of the brand and the goals of the company the website was designed to offer features that were in accordance to the client’s desires. A initial layout was presented and further tailored according to the specific needs of each section. It was important to highlight the testimonials from existing clients and present the products in an attractive manner.


The brand represents the image and quality of the company. The choices for the simbol and the font were to be in line with health and friendlyness.

The client’s brand communication was important to highlight the client’s passion in helping people in any way possible.

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