Fruit Your World

Project Description

Imagine planting a fruit tree and making it available to your community to enjoy the fruits of it. Fruit Your World is an innitiative that was brought to 4bis to make planting fruit trees a digital entrerprise, generating a ecosystem that connects people and cities.

Their website was in need of a complete redesign as well as the creation of a platform that anyone can add their trees in the database to make it available to neighboors see what is around them.

Project Details

Client Fruit Your World

Product Hosting, website redesign, online platform

Skills Product development strategy, continued development & improvement, brand repositioning, business & process analyses, technical support

Technology HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, WordPress, Ubuntu, PHP 7.2, NGNIX



Main Features

A critical, but often overlooked component of a succeful website is its degree of usability. The inicial website Fruit Your World had had was focused on the map that displayed the location of registered trees however it didn’t present a good user flow for new clients to investigate further and demonstrate interest in their product.

A woocommerce platform was implemented so the website would generate better leads to include more people in this growing community.


Teh client’s existing logo no longer corresponded to the new website therefore our team was also responsible for a retouch in their brand.

A new and modern logo was developed to accomodate the new requirements that will enable this community to grow bigger.

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