Cleaning Service

Project Description

Cleaning Service is a company that provides solutions for business to manage and clean their facilities. They provide cleaning services to municipalities, intititions, care centers, shopping centers and more.

The main challenge of the project was to host and provide an envirmoment where the company could communicate their quality and prices, along with stading out from the competiton with a good SEO implementation.

Project Details

Client Cleaning Service

Product Hosting, website redesign

Skills Product development startegy, business & process analyses, website hosting & design

Technology HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, WordPress, Ubuntu, PHP 7.2, NGNIX

Main Features

Cleaning Service’s customers are big companies and govermental institutions who look for quality in the subcontrators they hire therefore with the new website we made sure they would perform well in the search engines as well as communicate all types of services in a professional manner.

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