Auto Racking

Project Description

Auto Racking is an innovative car carrying system that is designed for multi modal logistics. Being a new company we were resposible for creation of their brand along with all office stationary and their website.

Project Details

Client Auto Racking

Product Brand design, website, hosting

Skills Design, product development startegy, continued development & improvement,  business & process analyses, technical support, UX

Technology HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, WordPress, Ubuntu, PHP 7.2, NGNIX, Adobe Illustrator

Main Features

Along with developing their brand identity it was important to provide a custom stationary that would represent the professional look of their services. By providing aditional material for marketing and communication AUto Racking’s business added an extra level of class to their product presentation.


In the format of one pager website, autoracking.com is able to provide a concise illustration of the product.

The lading page has the goal to guide possible customers to provide their information so sales can be done in direct contact. 

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