Steps to take:

  1. Install softwares: Sourcetree, Ansible, Vagrant
  2. New git repository
  3. New user in github
  4. Vagrant installation (done only once for the computer in a lifetime)
  5. Backup mySQL database
  6. Load the code base in repository
  7. Database backup to vagrant
  8. Local installation of software
  9. Change vhost on local machine to handle mapping
  10. Vagrant up


Software to install:

  • Phpstorm – installer inside Software folder in owncloud
  • Sourcetree –
  • Vagrant – $ sudo vagrant up
  • Ansible – http://docs.ansible.com/ansible/intro_installation.html#latest-releases-via-pip
  • Virtualbox –


Online accounts:

  • Github



For downloading repository:

  1. Open sourcetree
  2. Open github repository
  3. Copy repository link
  4. Inside sourcetree: New / clone from url / Authenticate / Select Destination path / Clone
  5. Vagrant up


Downloading files and database from production

-via ftp connection inside phpstorm

-save in “web” folder

-backup of database inside bin


Create branch called dev

All other branches are named after the feature that they are


Adjust local host file:
sudo vi /etc/hosts

add following code:

#### DEV waterenklimaat.nl

Close VI with “:wq” (edited)
execute command in terminal: sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
check if domain goes to local machine with command in terminal = ping waterenklimaat.nl
it should return the VM IP address